Happy New Year!

And what a wet Christmas and New Year Radcliffe had. The children are thinking of reasons for Radcliffe flooding so we’ll post some of their work next week.

Looking to the future what, do you think, would be the best way to defend Radcliffe against future flooding?

Who wants to be a Humanities Ambassador in 4B?

Exciting news for 4B.  You have all done so well achieving your targets that I have decided it would be a good idea for you wonderful children to interview the children from lower down the school about the subjects of Geography and History. I’ll show you what’s entailed tomorrow morning. 🙂

geography interviews

keen to be green enquiry questions

1.Do boats use carbon dioxide?

2.How does recycling help us?

3.How do animals become endangered?

my enquiry questions on keen to be green

  1. Do boats pollute the water ?
  2. Can you recycle plastic bags?
  3. How would we live if we pollute and destroy our world?


Enquiry questions

1. How many types of bins are there in the world for recycling?

2. When we recycle what does it turn into?

3. How much pollution does a 10 hour flight cause?

my enquiry questions

1.what will happen if we run out of food?

2.what will happen if we kill all the bees?

3.what will happen if the would ends?

Enquiry questions

1. Do boats pollute the water?

2. What percentage of the rainforest has been cut down?

3. How can we make the world better and rid it of pollution?

enquiry questions

  1. what pollutes the ocean?
  2. how much power do farm wind mills make?
  3. how much pollution do planes make?